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VPG Brands


The Sensors segment includes high precision sensors and components that measure stress, strain, and electrical current. The Sensors segment is comprised of our foil resistor and strain gage businesses, which use our resistive foil technology. Our foil resistors are sold under industry leading brands including VPG Foil Resistors, Alpha Electronics, Powertron, and VFR. Our strain gage products and accessories are sold under the Micro-measurements brand. VPG Foil Resistors, Alpha Electronics, and Powertron.

VPG Foil Resistors

VPG Foil Resistors includes three premier brands that represent unparalleled precision, stability and reliability: Vishay Foil Resistors, Alpha Electronics and Powertron. Our resistor portfolio encompasses a wide variety of configurations and packages designed to surpass the requirements of even the most demanding applications.  Learn More

Vishay Foil Resistors

Vishay Foil Resistors produces the most precise and stable resistors available.  Our product portfolio includes discrete resistors and resistor networks in surface mount and through-hole (fixed-lead) configurations; customized chip resistor networks; precision trimming potentiometers; and discrete chips for use in hybrid circuits. These devices are used in applications requiring a high degree of precision and stability, such as in medical testing equipment, semiconductor equipment, precision measuring instruments, aerospace, and military applications. Learn More

Alpha Electronics

Alpha Electronics has been a manufacturer of Bulk Metal® Foil resistors since 1978. Known worldwide for their accuracy and reliability, the components are widely used in a range of applications, including automatic test equipment (ATE); weighing scales; precision instrumentation; aerospace, military, laboratory and metrology, and medical systems; industrial process control; high-end audio; and more. Alpha Electronics now provides Bulk Metal® Foil metrology standard resistors that conform to Japanese National Standards regulations, and is working in conjunction with the National Metrology Institute of Japan (NMJ) to further develop the technology.  Learn More


Powertron develops, manufactures, and markets high-precision foil, current sense, and thick film resistors for use in diverse applications and offers a full complement of resistors for accurate, precise, and high-power circuits, with customization capabilities supporting virtually any package type.

Powertron focuses on delivering solutions with the best combination of power ratings, TCR, and resistance ranges with foil resistor products that include devices built on CuNiMn Bulk Metal® Foil for low-ohm, high-precision applications; and NiCr foil for even higher levels of stability.  A supplemental thick film product line is also available in a wide range of packages. Learn More


Micro-Measurements is dedicated to the development, manufacture, and marketing of sensors for high-precision strain measurement. Micro-Measurements offers a full complement of sensors, strain gages, PhotoStress® equipment and coatings, data acquisition systems, and supplies necessary to obtain accurate, reliable stress data. Our products are used throughout the industrialized world — both in the practice of stress measurements analysis and as the sensing elements in a wide variety of transducers for measuring physical variables (weight, force, torque, pressure, etc.). Learn More

Weighing Solutions

The Weighing Solutions segment includes specialized modules and systems used to precisely measure weight, force torque, and pressure. This segment is comprised of our VPG Transducers, VPG Onboard Weighing, BLH Nobel, StressTek and Vulcan businesses.

VPG Force Sensors

VPG Force Sensors is comprised of the Tedea-Huntleigh, Sensortronics, Revere, and Celtron brands of VPG.  Our load cells use advanced strain gage technology, enabling VPG to offer a wide range of standard and custom-tailored sensors and solutions for measuring force (weight, torque, pressure, etc.). Learn More

Revere Transducers

The Revere Transducers product portfolio includes both load cells and indicating devices. Known for decades for a product offering that includes single-point, single-ended beam, and universal load cells, growth of Revere’s reputation has been built on a range of medium- and high-capacity double-ended shear beam, ring torsion and compression load cells. These products are used in industrial environments ranging from on-board vehicle weighing, “Sale-By-Weight” and applications in hazardous area locations. The Revere brand also includes a complete line of high-quality weight indicators and instrumentation for the weighing industry. Learn More


Tedea-Huntleigh has been known for decades for a range of single-point load cells for retail and industrial scales, and bending beams and shear beams for industrial weighing platforms.  Manufactured to precise tolerances, king them easier to install and calibrate, bringing lower cost of ownership to the user. More recently, the range has been extended to include special weight and force sensors for machinery automation and safety systems, while maintaining the reputation for tight tolerances and ease of installation and use. Learn More


Combining skilled craftsmanship and modern manufacturing techniques, Celtron has been the preferred choice for many weighing scale manufacturers worldwide since 1987.  Celtron pioneered many load cell models that are recognized in the industry for their reliability, precision, and professional appearance.  Today, Celtron is known for its products ranging from aluminum single points, to high-capacity stainless steel load cells with a reputation for best value in the weighing industry for quality, price and performance.  Learn More


Sensortronics has been known since the seventies as a premier manufacturer of alloy and stainless-steel load cells for the industrial and process weighing market, and a supplier for the OEM scale market.  Sensortronics’ shear beams are widely recognized as the industry’s best for performance and quality. Today, this expertise in manufacturing of a wide selection of load cells allows Sensortronics to remain the “preferred” load cell for many scale manufacturers.  The combination of quality and performance for industrial load cells makes Sensortronics a leader in the industry. Learn More

VPG Onboard Weighing

VPG Onboard Weighing is a recognized leader in the design, manufacturing and sales of on-board weighing systems for vans, light commercial vehicles, heavy trucks, bucket loaders, and aircraft.  It is the largest global manufacturer of onboard weighing systems with direct sales offices in 10 countries across North America, Europe and Asia and an extensive dealer network - providing sales, service and installation.  R&D is located in the UK and in the USA, and is staffed by electronic and software developers, and mechanical CAD designers.  Onboard Weighing continues to innovate and develop new products to satisfy the ever-evolving needs of its valued customers. Learn More

Si Onboard

SI Onboard is an industry leader in the manufacturing of on-board weighing systems for forestry, waste management, aircraft and aggregate markets. Founded in the late 1960’s, SI’s pioneering on-board weighing solutions include scales for logging vehicles, aircraft weighing, bucket loaders and lift truck.

BLH Nobel

BLH Nobel is a world leader in process weighing and force measurement, producing high-quality and high-accuracy weighing systems.  BLH Nobel load cells maximize accuracy and minimize the effects of mixing, agitation, and temperature changes in critical process weighing stages. The brand’s signal conditioners and process control systems are designed to comply with stringent requirements of the chemical, steel, food, and pharmaceutical industries, and offer a wide variety of communication protocols used in complex production lines.

BLH Nobel applications engineers help customers configure the right system for their specific projects and provide extensive technical documentation that simplifies operation and maintenance.  These custom solutions range from backdrop control systems in theaters and opera houses to crane weighing in oil rigs.  BLH Nobel has thousands of strain-gage-based systems installations worldwide with field service personnel available for installations and repair. Learn More


Vulcan On-Board Scales provides specialized sensor-based systems to monitor truck loads used in general trucking, dirt & aggregate hauling, construction & demolition, refuse, agriculture, mining, and bulk hauling applications.

Measurement Systems

The Measurement Systems segment includes highly specialized systems for steel production, materials development, and safety testing. This segment is comprised of our KELK, DSI, Pacific Instruments, and our DTS businesses.


KELK specializes in the design and manufacturing of high accuracy and performance sensors and systems for the steel and aluminum industries - mainly for rolling mills. We offer five product families: rolling force measuring load cells systems and pressure transmitters; web tension measurement load cells and systems; optical strip width gages; laser velocimeters for speed and length measurements, and closed-loop crop optimization control systems for optimal strip cuts. Our products meet the most demanding requirements of the steel and aluminum industries, providing high accuracy and reliability under the most demanding harsh conditions of rolling mills. We have been exceeding customers’ expectations for more than 60 years. Learn More

Dynamic Systems, Inc.

Dynamic Systems Inc. (DSI) is the world-leader in the development of thermal-mechanical simulation systems for metallurgical research. For over 60 years, DSI has produced the Gleeble® line of physical simulation systems - powerful tools for developing and studying new materials, exploring new production techniques, optimizing existing processes, or simulating the conditions a material will face in the real world. 

Gleeble systems provide organizations with significant competitive advantages by recreating the exact thermal and mechanical conditions that a material experiences during the manufacturing process or end-use.  This knowledge can then be transferred from the laboratory to production lines resulting in significant cost and time savings, improved product quality and ultimately greater profits.  Learn more.

Diversified Technology Systems

Diversified Technical Systems, Inc. (DTS) is a leading manufacturer of miniature, rugged data acquisition systems, sensors and portable data loggers for product and safety testing. Engineered for extreme test environments, DTS solutions support a broad range of critical test applications for automotive, aerospace, military, industrial and injury biomechanics.

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Pacific Instruments

Pacific Instruments Inc. is an industry leader in the design, manufacture and support of state-of-the-art signal conditioning and data acquisition systems for static, dynamic and transient test environments. Major aerospace and vehicle companies, government-funded research agencies and the military use these systems to measure, record and analyze information and results from research and development projects. Pacific Instruments’ advanced technology is enabling these companies to efficiently solve real-world problems for test facilities such as; rocket & turbine engines, wind tunnels, aerospace & civil structures, energetics and general scientific research.