Performance through Precision
VPG Corporate

About VPG

VPG is an internationally recognized designer, manufacturer and marketer of components based on its resistive foil technology, sensors, and sensor-based systems; specializing in the growing markets of stress, force, weight, pressure, and current measurements. We provide vertically integrated products and solutions that are primarily based upon our proprietary foil technology. These products are marketed under a variety of brand names that we believe are characterized as having a very high level of precision and quality. Our global operations enable us to produce a wide variety of products in strategically effective geographic locations that also optimize our resources for specific technologies, sensors, assemblies and systems.

Our products include precision foil resistors, foil strain gages, and sensors that convert mechanical inputs into an electronic signal for display, processing, interpretation, or control by our instrumentation and systems products. Precision sensors are essential to the accurate measurement, resolution and display of force, weight, pressure, torque, tilt, motion, or acceleration, especially in the legal-for-trade, commercial, and industrial marketplaces. Our products are not typically used in the consumer market.The precision sensor market is being influenced by the significant increase in intelligent products across virtually all end markets, including medical, agricultural, transportation, industrial, avionics, military, and space applications. We believe that as original equipment manufacturers (“OEMs”) strive to make products “smarter,” they are generally integrating more sensors to link the mechanical/physical world with digital control and/or response.  We believe this offers a substantial growth opportunity for our products.

The company has a long heritage of innovation in precision foil resistors and foil strain gages, which served as a foundation for its expansion into strain gage instrumentation, load cells, transducers, weighing modules, and complete systems for process control and on-board weighing.