Performance through Precision

VPG Investors

Weighing and Control Systems

The Weighing and Control Systems segment designs and manufactures complete systems comprised of load cells and instrumentation for weighing and force control/measurement for a variety of uses, including on-board weighing and overload monitor systems. Typical applications for our Weighing and Control Systems products are:  process weighing of chemicals, food and pharmaceuticals; aircraft and truck weighing and overload protections; weight force and process optimization in steel and paper mills; and force measurement for offshore oil and gas exploration.

Process Weighing

We manufacture high-performance solutions for weighing and batching in the process industry.  Our systems perform with high accuracy over a wide temperature range — and despite vibration and other harsh conditions — whether they are used in quality reactor vessels, ingredient storage bins, clean-in-place batching processes, or anywhere else in the process industry.  These systems control process weighing in food, chemical, and pharmaceutical plants.

Force Measurement

We have supplied web tension, strip tension and force measurement systems for machinery in the paper, steel, and converting industries for over 40 years.  As a natural consequence of serving customers around the globe, we have developed a solid expertise within these areas.  Our web tension systems comprise standard modules and electronics as well as customized systems.

Steel Production Systems

Our products are the most reliable part of any mill stand.  They have to be to perform without failure under the harshest of environments imaginable.   Incorporating strain gages as sensing elements and constructed from solid, high strength stainless steel forgings, our products outperform and outlive competitive products when used as original equipment and as replacement in mills – which accounts for our high percentage of retrofit business in the steel industry.  With our recent acquisition, we have added certain optical gages for control systems and enhanced our other product offerings for process control in the steel mill industry. 

With the hottest sections of a mill reaching over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, our sensors are used through the steelmaking process to ensure the finished steel products come out of production exactly to spec, to reduce product waste for the mill operator and to prevent costly shut downs due to product failure.

Onboard Weighing

We design and manufacture industry leading and innovative solutions for on-board vehicle payload control and overload protection. We understand that running and managing an efficient haulage business in today’s competitive transport industry often requires the use of the latest technology.