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Force Sensors

The Force Sensors segment includes a broad line of load cells and force measurement transducers that are offered as precision sensors for industrial and commercial use. Typical applications for force sensors are in medical devices (such as hospital beds and medication dosing), agricultural equipment (for precision force measurement), and construction machinery (for tipping and overload protection). These sensors use our foil technology products, which serve as sensing elements and components within each unit. Further integration of our load cells technology is also offered as part of our weighing module products, which provide customers with a complete sensor assembly that may be used within a wide variety of digital transducers.

Load Cells and Weighing Modules

The term “load cell” is primarily used to describe transducers used in weighing applications. A transducer is mounted on a structure that is subjected to weight or other stress, such as the platform of an industrial scale. The change in resistance of the strain gages in response to deformation of the transducer by the applied load is detected by electronic instrumentation. Transducers are manufactured with different designs and configurations depending on their application and the type of stress or strain to be measured; for example weight or tension. We produce both analog and digital transducers.  We sell our load cells under Celtron, Revere, Sensortronics, and Tedea-Huntleigh brands.

Weighing modules are transducers combined with a mounting and with external features, such as instruments and cables, and are used for weighing and control applications.

Custom Components

VPG Transducers' comprehensive R&D and Production facilities offer a full range of services to customers who require specialized weighing and force measurement solutions. With emphasis on high flexibility and adaptation to customer time-to-design, for sensors in any shape or capacity, we provide design support to each customer's engineering team and tailor products to meet unique requirements. Our custom sensor solutions can be found in applications ranging from vehicle stability systems in construction equipment, to tractor load pins and sensors in agricultural equipment, to load cells and specialized force sensors for integrated weighing systems and medical equipment.