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Foil Technology

The Foil Technology Products segment includes our foil resistor and strain gage operating segments. Typical applications for foil resistors include high end test equipment for the aviation, military and space, semiconductor, process control, oil and gas and medical markets.  Typical applications for strain gages are stress analysis for structural testing in the aviation, military and space, infrastructure and construction markets.  The products in these segments are based on our resistive foil technology, which continues to evolve and enables both products to be suited for new and varied applications.

Foil Strain Gages

Strain gages are resistive sensors that are attached to the surface of an object to determine the surface strain caused by an applied force. Typical uses of strain gages include test and measurement applications where the strength of the object is the main consideration and the object under test is a structural component in a machine or device such as an automobile, an aircraft, or a highway bridge. Strain gages are also used inside precision transducers where the magnitude of an applied force is the focus of the measurement. A variety of physical measurements can be made using strain gages attached to metal components including force, weight, pressure, displacement, and acceleration.  We sell our strain gages under the well-known Micro-Measurements brand.

Foil Resistors

Foil resistors are the most precise and stable type of resistors currently available. Resistors are basic components used in all forms of electronic circuitry to adjust and regulate levels of voltage and current. Our foil resistors and current sensors are used in applications requiring a high degree of precision and stability, such as in medical applications, precision equipment for front-end and back-end semiconductor testing and semiconductor fabrication equipment, and avionics/military/aerospace applications.  We sell our foil resistors under the Vishay Foil Resistors, Alpha Electronics, and Powertron brands, including under our well known Bulk Metal® trademark.