Performance through Precision

VPG End Markets

Targeted End Markets

Our customer base and end markets are extremely broad, as we serve all market segments that require precision measurement of force, pressure, torque, and current.  The requirements for precision industrial measurements arise from the fact that precise test and measurement within production processes provide higher technology, new and better products and services, and cost savings for VPG customers.

Test and Measurement

The test and measurement industry is a dynamic, fast-growing segment of the global economy.  Its key customers are manufacturers of electronics, and wireless and semiconductor devices.  Demand also comes from industries such as aerospace and defense, automotive, and transportation.  Test and measurement equipment is used to test products as they’re manufactured — confirming that they will perform as required.

The industry’s market drivers include the increasing demand for electronic products and the rising need for test and measurement equipment in semiconductor devices.

We’ve passed the test time and time again.

The test and measurement industry helps manufacturers monitor and improve the quality, safety, health compliance, and productivity of their products. We have extensive experience in this segment, offering products for a variety of test and measurement applications.

In stress analysis testing, our strain gages help confirm that a product designed to bear load can indeed take that load.  Automotive and aircraft products, for instance, undergo extensive stress analysis testing to ensure their safety.  Our foil resistors are used in a wide range of test and measurement equipment, where the stability of our resistors promises that the test output will be of the utmost accuracy and stability.