Performance through Precision

VPG End Markets

Targeted End Markets

Our customer base and end markets are extremely broad, as we serve all market segments that require precision measurement of force, pressure, torque, and current.  The requirements for precision industrial measurements arise from the fact that precise test and measurement within production processes provide higher technology, new and better products and services, and cost savings for VPG customers.


As the world’s business and political environments fluctuate, the aircraft, aerospace, and defense industries have adapted to stay profitable.

Commercial aviation continues to experience increased world passenger traffic. Air cargo has experienced slower growth, but emerging markets will create a larger need for fast, efficient transfer of goods.  

Reliability and accuracy in any environment

We understand the specific demands of the aviation, aerospace and defense industries — and we’ve been meeting the needs of the major players for decades.  All three segments utilize our strain gages and data acquisition systems.

In commercial avionics, our resistors are built to withstand dramatic temperature excursions, shock and vibration, moisture, and time.  In aerospace, ongoing reliability is essential — every component must activate when required and perform flawlessly.  Our foil resistors have been used in military equipment for more than 40 years, performing with accuracy and reliability in some of the harshest conditions imaginable.